Last November 2nd was not any Thursday at our VIKO offices —we were celebrating 18 years of history! It may seem few, but really much has happened since almost two decades ago that this group began its digital adventure. This is how our offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico woke up.


Throughout all these years we have been wrong many times, but we have always managed to rectify without losing the illusion of continuing to try, always trying, always adapting to the CHANGE. But it is never enough for us, we are TRAILBLAZERS and we want more and better, so during these years, we have opened offices in places like Milan, Mexico, Colombia, Miami and Brazil (among others), loaded with new challenges and projects. Not all turned the corner, but the vast majority did, and over time they were consolidated, AND HOW WELL THEY DID! Thanks to all these new adventures, we can say today that we are the first online marketing group expert in eCommerce.


However, all this would not be possible without all the people who are part or have been part of the team of Grupo VIKO companies during these 18 years. We say that “we create TALENT” and what is true is that here they have worked and currently work the best professionals in the industry, without any doubt. It is a real pleasure to be consolidated in this team full of cracks. We are sure that we will continue to celebrate many successes and anniversaries together.


And always HAVING A GOOD TIME. Throughout all these years, we have lived countless moments and unforgettable revelries, and that is why we take it very seriously to make of this group, a group of people who enjoy coming every day to work. And one sample of it is the celebration lived last Thursday.

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