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Grupo VIKO has just announced its investment in Arengu, a suite for attracting and enriching leads

VIKO has just announced its commitment to the Arengu team, a solution that simplifies the process of registering users in the forms and enriches the data of registered users. Continue reading

VIKO Madrid: new office, new concept

I think it does not happen to me alone, to think about moving is a mess — the furniture, jobs, office materials, telephones, change of address, and so on; and because of our DNA, we are a group with a high tendency to change. Continue reading

GRUPO VIKO launches Tandem, a Marketplaces Consultancy

We have just launched a new and innovative project on the market — Tandem, a consultancy specializing in marketplaces!
This is the spin off from Elogia’s Marketplaces Department (a digital agency specializing in Digital Commerce Marketing), which in April 2017 created the Marketplaces area to test the concept, and which aims to catalyze the national and international growth of brands through the publication and optimization of its catalog in large electronic markets, platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or Alibaba, among others. Tandem focuses its activity on three key areas to take advantage of the full potential of this new sales channel — defining the brand strategy in one or several marketplaces, supporting the administrative process and technical integration of publishing the catalog in qualified marketplaces, and providing support in the day to day channel management to optimize different markets.

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At VIKO, we turn 18 years old and attain legal majority

Last November 2nd was not any Thursday at our VIKO offices —we were celebrating 18 years of history! It may seem few, but really much has happened since almost two decades ago that this group began its digital adventure. This is how our offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico woke up. Continue reading

Elogia announces the arrival of Pedro Abad to Mexico as CEO and reinforces its commitment to remain one of the main players in the Mexican digital landscape

The arrival of Abad will be key at this stage, in which Mexico is experiencing a historic moment due to the digitalization of its companies. The arrival of Abad will be key at this stage, in which Mexico is experiencing a historic moment due to the digitalization of its companies.

Elogia strengthens its position as a pioneer in digital solutions in Mexico with turnover growth figures of 54% in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period of the previous year.

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Fnac reinforces its SEO strategy with Elogia

It will manage the SEO strategy of the French company in Spain to strengthen its visibility.

Elogia, a digital agency specializing in Digital Commerce Marketing, has just announced the beginning of its collaboration with the French company Fnac, a company specializing in the distribution of Leisure, Culture and Technology products, for the management of its SEO strategy in Spain and Portugal.


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