It will manage the SEO strategy of the French company in Spain to strengthen its visibility.

Elogia, a digital agency specializing in Digital Commerce Marketing, has just announced the beginning of its collaboration with the French company Fnac, a company specializing in the distribution of Leisure, Culture and Technology products, for the management of its SEO strategy in Spain and Portugal.


The company has relied on the Spanish digital marketing agency with the aim of strengthening its organic visibility in the main search engines and thus continue adding market share in the electronic commerce sector. Fnac, one of the largest e-commerce in Europe, has more than 2 million online references distributed among books, music, gaming, telephony and information technology, among other categories.  


Alex Furquet, CRO Manager of Elogia, explains: “Fnac is a great player in its sector and for that, we have designed a strategy that allows it to get closer to the user and obtain the best possible results in an effective way.” Furquet adds that “these types of companies are moving fast with their digital strategies, and it is necessary to work as quickly and efficiently as possible”. The consumer, increasingly more experienced, do searches and is much more informed, so all the digital elements of a company have to be aligned. It is at this point that Elogia enters the equation and in which the presence of Fnac will lead the search engines to the highest levels of quality thanks to its expertise in Technical SEO, Usability and Web optimization.

Elogia also manages the SEO of clients such as Caser, Fira Barcelona, Somfy and Haier, among other renowned brands.