VIKO has just announced its commitment to the Arengu team, a solution that simplifies the process of registering users in the forms and enriches the data of registered users.

The team of Arengu (formerly Rocketforms) has been developing the application for a year, which aims to revolutionize the way in which leads are captured on web pages around the world. With the value proposition of Arengu, any user can create a form for their website and integrate it in a very simple way both on their website and in third-party applications such as MailChimp, Slack, Telegram, or Google Docs.

In addition to benefiting from its Data Enrichment Applications to obtain more information from the user, problems related to forms, simple integration, fraud detection, and SPAM are also eliminated. All this according to the new data protection regulations (GDPR).

The solution, which will be marketed as a SaaS (Software as a service), is born with an international vocation and is mainly aimed at the European and American markets.

Mobgen respectively. Mobgen is a consultancy specializing in mobile application development recently acquired by Accenture. The entrepreneurial team has a marked profile of product development.

The interest of Grupo VIKO in this solution is born to reinforce its technology of generation and dynamic management of landing pages (MOOSE) and to be able to take advantage of the synergies that arise between both technologies. This investment is strategic to continue supporting the growth of MOOSE, due to it will incorporate the technology of the Arengu forms in its landing pages, and those that have recently incorporated AMP technology to improve the conversion rates of its users.

Nil Dorado, Razon Miah and Iván Enríquez of the MOOSE team will be added to this new Spin-off to accelerate product development and sales respectively.

In the words of Jacobo Vidal, Product Manager and CEO of Arengu, “We are very excited to be part of Grupo VIKO, personally, I feel at home after my time in Elogia working with great professionals and, for Arengu, it is a strategic alliance that gives us a strong expertise in the digital sector and resources to accelerate the growth of the company, in addition, I am lucky to have a great team to carry out this project and quickly position ourselves as a solution of recruitment and lead enrichment in the market.

For his part, Rubén Ferreiro, President of Grupo VIKO comments, “We know Jacobo very well from his work in Elogia, and at the same time we believe that there is a great opportunity in the market of the capture of leads, to make the process more efficient, from the creation and management of the data of the form to the possibility of enriching the information with public datasets. For us, it is an absolute pride to invest in a company in which we have so much personal and market affinity.”