We have just launched a new and innovative project on the market — Tandem, a consultancy specializing in marketplaces!
This is the spin off from Elogia’s Marketplaces Department (a digital agency specializing in Digital Commerce Marketing), which in April 2017 created the Marketplaces area to test the concept, and which aims to catalyze the national and international growth of brands through the publication and optimization of its catalog in large electronic markets, platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or Alibaba, among others. Tandem focuses its activity on three key areas to take advantage of the full potential of this new sales channel — defining the brand strategy in one or several marketplaces, supporting the administrative process and technical integration of publishing the catalog in qualified marketplaces, and providing support in the day to day channel management to optimize different markets.

Rubén Ferreiro, President of our GROUP, states: “Grupo VIKO foresaw that the potential of the channel was so great that it was worth creating an independent company with a specific focus and dedicated resources. The combination of a demand for such high need with such a level of ignorance is rarely met in the market.”

Tandem is led by Mónica Casal, who after six years of management experience in GRUPO VIKO, assumes the position of CEO. Together with Casal, the Management Team will be made up by Nuria Castro as CSO — who has extensive entrepreneurial experience as founder of well-known eCommerce projects such as Offemily and BuyPrivee, among others —, and Rafael Lojo as Operations Manager — who has several years of experience in the marketplaces channel.

Marc Vicente joins them as Advisor, (former COO of Cdiscount and Rakuten Europe). The extensive experience of Marc in marketplaces, gained by working with giants such as Cdiscount or Rakuten, is a key piece that undoubtedly consolidates the great strength of the Team of the Project.

“We are delighted to be part of this new commitment of the Group. The initiative arises from the strength that the marketplaces format is taking in the online sales landscape,” Casal explains. According to the I Survey of Marketplaces, 96% of online shoppers buy recurrently in marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Privalia, etc. In addition, the latest e-commerce study of the IAB confirms that 2 out of 3 product searches are now done on Amazon instead of Google. “This tells us about a concentration effect of demand, similar to the large offline shopping centres on a Saturday afternoon,” adds the CEO of Tandem.

By the results seen these months, this is a channel that reports significant sales growth to the brands in both the domestic and international markets, but as usual, the results depend not only on “where to be” but also on “how to be”, both in terms of product decisions and, above all, adequate technical integration for proper management. “Given the newness of the channel and the particularities of commercial conditions and operational requirements of each platform, from Tandem we want to provide the best service of advice and technical and human support so that each brand has a personalized strategy of presence in this channel,” concludes Monica Casal.

Why to sell at Marketplaces?

At present, marketplaces are leaders in sales and in purchase searches. In fact, 9 out of 10 online shoppers look for information in marketplaces before making the purchase, and 96% of Spanish online buyers buy frequently on these platforms, according to a study conducted by Elogia. For this reason, being present in the Marketplaces channel is crucial —it opens the door to new markets, the logistics and infrastructure costs are lower than those required by other distribution channels (it does not require a warehouse, web or ecommerce itself), it allows seasonally adjust the product stock and, above all, increase sales in a sustained manner.


Next April 11, you will see us in action. Tandem sponsors the MarketPlace Circus in the eshow of Barcelona. We will be making presentations and discussion tables around the MarketPlaces. Would you visit us?

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