Designing, creating and managing full online marketing strategies from seed to success since 1999.

Hola España!

Our story begins in Spain with the first technology available for recommending purchases.

Vigo Barcelona Madrid Spain

Viva México!

We opened our first international office in Mexico to expand our knowledge to America.

Madrid Mexico

Olá Portugal!

After our first experience, we create the branch to cover the entire market of Iberia.

Lisboa Portugal

The evolution of our technology leads us to deploy one of the first Email Marketing tools in Spain.

The big milestone. Born our first agency!

Qué bueno que viniste Argentina!

We opened our second American branch to cover the needs of our customers. Closed in 2012

Buenos Aires Argentina

Our second agency is born! Multi-device conversion specialists ready to conquer the world.

Oi Brasil!

We opened our third American branch to cover the needs of our customers. Closed in 2014.

Brasilia Brasil

Ciao Italia!

We opened a new branch in Italy to meet new customers. Closed in 2013.

Roma Italia

Qué hay Colombia!

We opened our fourth American branch to cover the needs of our customers. Closed in 2012.

Bogotá Colombia

Mobile commerce is alive. We developed a 100% proprietary technology in a new company to get the new challenge.

We launched our first media brand to talk about eCommerce worldwide.

A new company joins the group to help our clients with the development of mobile applications.

Our successfully proven technology for mass generation of landing pages is made public in a new brand.

The Marketing Automation Tool eMMa leaves VIKO Group.

Our online magazine on digital marketing expands further in America, landing in Colombia.

The brands Mittum and Moose update their corporate image merging into the entity Mittum Relational Marketing.

Moddity leaves Viko group


We return to Colombia! this time we land with the Ibrands brand accompanying Marketing4Ecommerce

Bogotá Colombia


We arrived in Chile! We are present in this country with the Ibrands brands and the marketing magazine Marketing4Ecommerce.

IbrandsMarketing 4 ecommerce colombia
Bogotá Colombia

A new and innovative project is launched on the market: Tandem, a consultancy specializing in marketplaces.