We have 8 totally independent companies sharing culture, values, overhead expenses, and financial resources


ELOGIA is a digital marketing agency focused on “Digital Commerce Marketing”, whose mission is to increase sales using digital channels. We are a real digital business partner providing end-to-end solutions, from developing digital business models to implement sales strategies using digital channels. We have strong operations in Spain and Mexico and we are very experienced in implementing digital campaigns in the European and American markets.

In addition, Elogia has a specialized spin-off for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Elogia Pharma which is based on all of our years of experience working with many Pharma Companies such as Borengheir, Pfizer, Zambon, Roche, etc. These kinds of companies have a specific casuistry where our knowledge and experience in the pharma industry are key.

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Tandem UP is an operating consulting firm specializing in marketplaces, we analyze, define, and implement strategies for marketplace channels. We are Amazon Experts, we have more than 10 years of combined international experience with Amazon Sellers, but we are more than just Amazon consultants, Tandem Up is a marketplace partner to implement sales strategy in all marketplaces.  

Also, we have developed an app called TANDEM TECH, an all-in-one business intelligence tool to analyze all data from all marketplaces. TANDEM TECH allows you to identify trends and opportunities to sell in different marketplaces around the world.

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Ibrands specializes in email marketing. Ibrands has 100% GDPR-compliant databases distributed in 7 markets, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Portugal, and Colombia. These databases are used to send targeted campaigns to get leads, to activate demands for products and services, and to launch research to get a sense of market opinion quickly and efficiently. Ibrands works with all kinds of pricing models, CPM, CPC, and CPA depending on the goals.

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M4C Academy

One of our main corporate Values is “We Create Talent”, therefore, under the umbrella of Marketing4eCommerce, we created Marketing4eCommerce Academy, whose focus is to foster e-commerce professional marketers. We have a “loop methodology” based on learning by doing. We created hands-on labs, where each lab is independent and the marketing professional can select from whichever lab interests them. This methodology allows them to be up-to-date with the latest trends.

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Our online magazine focused on eCommerce and digital marketing. We are a multimedia platform with many different channels, such as websites, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, newsletters, Telegram, and podcasts in many platforms. Currently, Marketing4ecommerce has different versions in 4 markets, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. All of our channels reach more than 1M unique users per month, which makes us the clear leader in these markets. The main difference vs our competitors is that the purpose of Marketing4eCommerce is educational instead of informative. 

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Our Data Advanced Analytics Consultancy. Kraz integrate data, technology and science to solve complex data problems in a simple and effective way. We have more than 20 years of international experience with Data Science, AI and Big Data.

Companies have questions, data has answers, and Kraz is the link between the two.

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Corporate Lab is a venture builder. The push that corporates need to innovate and conquer new markets.

We launch digital products from scratch as startups do. Our team is composed of 100% former startup entrepreneurs, we are an operating team that validates digital products in the market.

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We are startups founders too. When we identify an opportunity, we launch it directly with our corporate venture builder, Corporate Lab.

As a result of Corporate Lab, we are backing Coventia, as key marketing and product partner. Coventia, the new fair, affordable, and digital-first life insurance. It is led by David Fernández, seasoned manager in the insurance industry and former executive at ECI, BBVA, Deloitte DAS, and Banco Pastor, and partnering with Fidelidade, the leader insurance company in Portugal, and Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance

Another venture from Corporate Lab, we validated with DAS Insurance, a market opportunity in the proptech category, creating a SaaS-enabled marketplace to provide default payment insurance for landlords and deposit free renting for tenants.  After that, we looked for an entrepreneur team to lead the company, now VIKO invested additional resources and today we are key partners. Okify is the most frictionless and trustful tool to execute the onboarding process between tenants and landlords.

One more venture from Corporate Lab is Equipzilla, a marketplace for heavy equipment. We identify a real problem in the machinery industry to match effectively the supply and the demand and we created Equipzilla, the quickest and most affordable way to rent heavy equipment.

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