Building an online monetizable project with 5 no-code tools

Building an online monetizable project with 5 no-code tools

Building an online monetizable project within weeks and without typing a single line of code is a feasible possibility nowadays. How? With no-code tools. At Corporate Lab, we’re experts on building fast MVPs and prototypes, fully working and ready to get tested and validated in their markets. As venture builders, we want to execute our projects as fast and efficiently as possible — that’s why we use no-code tools, so the project can be quickly delivered and pivoted or escalated in the future.

In this post, I will show you 5 no-code tools that we use at Corporate Lab and that you should be using if you want to build any online monetizable project.

What is mandatory in an online monetizable project?

First thing first. What do we consider an online monetizable project? Let’s define what characteristics are included so we can choose the right no-code tools.

  1. A website or app to promote your products or services. This is the platform where all the other elements will be placed. It is your presentation letter and the way users can find you and your services.
  2. A contact or purchase form to generate leads or sales. Whether your business is based on selling a product, a service, a subscription or a lead, you will need an element that builds a bridge between the client and your company.
  3. A tool to connect your earnings with your bank account. In this case, we are building a monetizable project, so it is crucial that you include a tool that transfers money from one platform to your personal account.
  4. An email marketing tool to reach your clients. Even if you think this is a dispensable marketing tool, it is not. Anytime a purchase is implied, you should include an email marketing tool, so your users can receive confirmation of their purchase, and not only. You can also use an email marketing tool to keep their interest and even to manage your CRM internally.
  5. A tool that connects all your apps together and to automate certain tasks. Using no-code tools usually requires a glue that holds all of them together. Plus, it is a great idea to automate as many processes as you can, so you can save time and money, and therefore make your monetizable project even more efficient.

Webflow: Building your website

Webflow: No code tools for an online monetizable project

One of the most known no-code web development tools. It has been growing non stop these last few years, and it is coming up with new features every now and then.

There is no need to have knowledge of how to set up a server because it is already taken care of. It also offers many templates from which it is possible to start building a new personalized and unique website. So within minutes you can have a website published and accessible to everybody from anywhere.

It has a stiff learning curve but once some experience has been developed, the sites that can be built with Webflow are like any other code-developed websites.

Arengu: Creating forms and their server-side logic

Arengu: No code tools for an online monetizable project

Arengu is a form builder tool, but it’s also way more than that. It lets users build sign-up flows, lead-generation flows, or even payment forms! Either if you want to generate leads to sell your services or you want to sell products, Arengu is the tool to go.

The difference between Arengu and any other form builder is its flow editor. Arengu’s admin tool is divided in two sections: forms and flows. Forms are what the end users see, while flows get executed after every step form or once they are submitted. If you don’t have coding skills, this is the perfect tool for you. And even if you have, Arengu allows you to build personalized logic and to connect with CRM tools like Hubspot or Mailchimp, with payment tools like Stripe and many other integrations.

Stripe: Adding a payment infrastructure

Stripe: No code tools for an online monetizable project

How are you going to handle invoices, clients and payments? Easy, with Stripe. Stripe is defined as a payment infrastructure for the internet. It is the tool to go for once you generate income on your website. It integrates easily with other no-code tools like Arengu or Make (formerly Integromat).

It is easy to see all the customers you have, their payment methods, all their payments, etc. And they have a great support team that will help you with anything you need.

Sendinblue: A communication tool for your team and clients

No code tools - Sendinblue

Newsletters? Transactional email? CRM? Sendinblue has all of them. You want to send a new lead or customer an email, use their transactional emails. You want to send an email to all your contacts, they allow you to create campaigns, which you can send to all your contacts or just some of them. You can organize all your leads to know in which part of the funnel they are at.

Recently, the visual tool to create emails has been changed, and now it is even easier to use than before. It also features a nice statistics section where you can see how each type of email you send performs, so you know when you should make changes.

And, on top of all this, they have a great initial free plan with really nice features and few restrictions.

Make (Formerly Integromat): Holding all of the above together

No code tools - Make Integromat

Do you want to send an email to your provider after you receive an order? Do you want to get notified in case something happens on your website? Do you want to dump all the sales in an Excel sheet? Make is your tool. It lets you design, build and automate anything — from tasks and workflows to apps and systems, just with a drag-and-drop feature!

We are not going to lie, we use Make in every single project, even internally. You want to integrate the Arengu form with a tool that Arengu did not add yet? Well, that will be available in Make for sure.

At Corporate Lab, we believe that it is possible to set up a new online monetizable project within a month, and all the basic needs will be covered if you use these tools.

Do you miss any other tools that should be used in a new online monetizable project? We are aware that different tools should be used if you’re developing an ecommerce platform. But we can discuss that in another blog post! Stay tuned and don’t miss any blog posts by subscribing to our newsletter.

At Corporate Lab, we're experts in building fast MVPs. Using no-code tools is our secret weapon to be fast and effective. If you run a company and want to include corporate innovation in your roadmap, send us a message. We can detect new business opportunities and build new businesses to complement your existing ones.
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