Innovation trends for 2023

Innovation trends for 2023

Knowing first-hand the trends of the different markets is key to keeping up to date in the innovation sector. For this reason, today we echo the biggest innovation trends that we foresee will take center stage in 2023.

Brais Comesaña (Corporate Lab’s Head of New Ventures) has been one of the guests of the Marketing4Ecommerce podcast on Trends of 2023, together with Marta Gil (Director of Marketing and Ecommerce of Conforama) and Álvaro Gómez (CEO of Elogia).

These are some of the trends that we will see in 2023 according to these 3 experts.

Open innovation and collaboration

You already know the saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. Collaboration between different entities will be one of the strongest trends in 2023 and it is a trend that affects all types of companies, of any size and sector.

When we talk about open innovation, we tend to focus only on collaboration between a large corporation and the startup ecosystem, for example through acceleration programs or startup scouting. While these programs are incredibly beneficial and will continue to trend in 2023, there are many other types of open innovation that can be explored.

In the Marketing4Ecommerce podcast, Brais Comesaña emphasizes that by 2023 collaboration will be one of the biggest trends in the business world, as well as a sign of market maturity.

Intrapreneurship, but with continuity

We are entering a trend that has a lot of potential. Intrapreneurship is a widespread practice among large companies, but many of its ideas never develop or see the light of day.

For this reason -and continuing with the thread of collaboration-, the continuity of intrapreneurship projects will be a trend in 2023. How? With the help of a venture studio.

This type of closed innovation is very popular and has many cultural benefits for companies. But the next step is to turn ideas into a business. If there are too many barriers to turning good ideas into profitable businesses, why not outsource this service? Leaving the continuity of intrapreneurship programs in the hands of a venture studio guarantees being able to get the most out of these ideas without having to interfere with the company's roadmap.

The rise of the marketplace

It can be seen as a type of collaboration resulting from open innovation. In any case, the rise of marketplaces is unstoppable, and we have seen how many platforms have switched to this business model in 2022. We have been telling you about it through our newsletter on business innovation news.

In addition to providing greater visibility, this model has a great benefit in terms of data, resulting in better campaigns around marketplace products.

In fact, at Corporate Lab we already told you about the great opportunity that creating a marketplace represents for a large company. Do you agree?

Corporate venture building

Experts from all sectors affirmed last year that the creation of new startups by large corporations was the great innovation trend of the year 2022. As a venture studio, at Corporate Lab we can confirm that this has been the case, and we foresee it will continue to be so. Large companies can take advantage of their great competitive advantages to face the great advances in innovation that come from startups. They’re already doing so, and they will continue to do so in 2023.

Reports from large consultancies such as McKinsey reveal that relevant companies will have their main source of income from a business that does not yet exist and that will be created in the next 5 years. And you, are you already working on creating yours?

New sales channels: the retail media

We have seen its first steps during 2022, and we can’t stop mentioning it. Online purchases are penetrating in all markets and in all audiences, but there’s one category within this one that stands out: retail media. This new category arises from hot trends such as live shopping and social networks’s new features, such as TikTok Now or Instagram’s, among others.

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