Our culture is our most outstanding asset. Our VIKOs are a fully committed team.


Our Employee Net
Promoter Score is 65+.

10 years together

21 digital warriors have been with us for over 10 years, some even +20!

home sweet home

18 digital warriors who left the company have come back home.

a long term

Employee Median Tenure
5.9 years

These 4 VALUES illustrate our culture


It is our first value and is no coincidence. We are true believers that happy people are more creative and productive. We devote ourselves to fun and to create a great atmosphere at work. Why? 'Cause we rely on genuine great people. Here, a sense of humor is a must-have!

If you are a bitter person better work for a competitor ;)


The same solutions lead to the same results. We always look for alternative solutions. What works today most likely won’t work tomorrow.  We want more and different, We are not risk-averse, We are entrepreneurs, We are ambitious,  We are competitive. The digital challenge to the "status quo" motivates us a lot.

Let's make something great